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About Online Training


BEYOND MOTION’s state-of-the-art training facility opened in Naples, FL in 2009. From strength and conditioning, personal training, Pilates, nutrition, and soft tissue therapy, this award winning facility has programs for everyone.

BEYOND MOTION® Founders Amy and Rick Lademann, along with their team of experts, work relentlessly to provide cutting edge training programs for clients around the world.  Their team knows what it takes to not only compete, but win. Whether in life or in sports, quality coaching and programs, the correct tools, and persistence, lead to victory.

While athletes and clients from around the world visit Naples, FL to train at BEYOND MOTION®, Rick and Amy know not everyone has the ability to travel for the best training.  To provide you and your athletes with the most accessible, progressive, and results driven programs BEYOND MOTION® now offers  completely customized “Virtual Training”. Your personal training, strength and conditioning, and Pilates programs are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You will be to workout at home, or when on the road.

Our Mission

To provide individuals, athletes, and teams, with the most time and cost efficient options for the highest quality strength and conditioning and personal training programs available, anytime and anywhere.

What Should You Expect

Work with BEYOND MOTION®- and you will not only transform your body, and your game, but you will also transform your life.

Virtual Training

BEYOND MOTION’S virtual online training program is comprised of industry experts that oversee BEYOND MOTION’S revolutionary digital training solutions. The team ensures that your online training program is backed by the latest science and research, utilizing only the safest and most effective training methods.

How Does This Benefit You?

By taking these extra steps we know that we are able to provide everyone with affordable access to the highest quality most effective strength and conditioning and personal training programs available.


Colin Cowgill trains with the coaches at Beyond Motion Training

Rick your program has put me right where I need to be physically. I am performing at a different level than I was before training with BEYOND MOTION®.

– Collin Cowgill, Los Angeles Angels



Want real results?

Train using a customized training program built by esteemed coaches. These are comprehensive, year-round online programs, designed specifically for your goals and tailored to get you the results you need.

Start your journey now!

Frequently asked questions


Who uses BEYOND MOTION’s virtual training program?
How does BEYOND MOTION’s virtual training program work?
Is the program really customized for me?
How do I find the time to schedule my training?
How do I learn to perform the exercises correctly?


Ready to transform your body and your life?

  • Train on your schedule
  • Customized workouts
  • Track your progress
  • Video Exercise Library
  • Additional nutrition coaching available

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